What roles we can help you with

Virtual Assistant

Your productivity genie. Virtual assistants are skilled professionals who provide remote support, managing tasks ranging from administrative work and scheduling to research and customer service. They're your cost-effective, efficient, and business boosting.

Xero Bookkeeper

Your financial wizards. They are experts in managing your financial records, transactions, and accounts using the Xero software. These professionals ensure your financial data is accurate, organized, and compliant, allowing you to focus on growing your business while they handle the financial intricacies.

Accounting Graduate

Your foundational staff member. Recently graduated or with a sound base in Australian tax they provide you with a wealth of capacity. Focus them on; tax and compliance, management reporting and learning the ins and out of your business or client base.

Management Accountant

Your financial strategist. They are professionals specialising in strategic financial management and month end close and reporting. From analysing data, creating budgets, and provide insights to guide business decisions they're your partners in optimising performance.

Accounts Payable Officer

Your financial gatekeeper. They handle the critical task of managing your organization's outstanding invoices and payments. Diligent and detail-oriented, they ensure timely and accurate disbursement, maintaining strong vendor relationships while upholding financial integrity.

Credit & Collections Officer

Your financial detective. They play a pivotal role in managing your accounts receivable, ensuring that outstanding debts are collected efficiently and debts are evaluated judiciously. Their strong communication and negotiation skills help maintain healthy cash flow while preserving customer relationships and financial stability.

Payroll Specialist

Your people guardian. They manage the intricate task of processing employee salaries, deductions, and compliance with labor regulations. These experts ensure that your team is accurately compensated and taxes are appropriately withheld, providing financial security for both your business and employees.

Trust Accountant

Your fiduciary expert. They specialize in managing and safeguarding assets held in trust for individuals or entities. With meticulous record-keeping and adherence to legal and ethical standards, they ensure the responsible administration of trusts, providing peace of mind to beneficiaries and trust creators.

Who we help 

Our tailored modern offshoring solutions are designed to support those venturing into offshoring for the first time, providing access to Sri Lanka's top talent in finance, accounting, and administration.

Recently Hired



Email management
basic bookkeeping
crm management
debtor follow up
contract issueing
phone handling
administrative work


inventory MANAGEMENT
administrative work


individual returns
bas process
year end process
EXCEL workpapers
client migration


payable processing
debtor collection
credit controller
internal reporting
sales reporting
discounts and rebates
HR Specialist
Administrative Boss

About us

Our journey started from our growing business need to find quality staff whilst protecting our profit margins. Our commitment to excellence was built within and we look forward to seeing you achieve the same results.

Some of our recent hires.

Graduate Accountant
Pivot table king
Team Leader
Organistation wizard
Finance Analyst
Enjoyings travelling
Finance Analsyt
Music lover
IT Administrator
Lover of all things tech
Virtual Assistant
Queen of cooking
Finance Analyst
It's cricket or nothing

I can't thank Elephant Teams enough for their offshoring expertise. It's made the process seamless, secure and enjoyable. Our finance team in Sri Lanka, led by Sudesh, is a true asset. This solution has given us a competitive edge in our mature industry.

Jenny Bromier

Elephant Teams' offshoring solution has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in connecting us with top talent in Sri Lanka has revolutionized our operations. We're more efficient and cost-effective than ever, thanks to their support.

Brett Stevens

Surini our Elephant Teams member is a superstar. She has proven to be skilled, reliable, and dedicated. We've achieved cost savings and quality enhancements that we couldn't have imagined before. We look forward to adding to our team with more staff as we continue to grow.

Angel Protacio

The Tech

We prioritise the utmost security and confidentiality of your sensitive data and operations. Our comprehensive IT security protocol, fortified by the industry-leading Sophos Intercept X software (along with others), demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your business at every level.

Frequently asked questions

What is outsourcing accounting to Sri Lanka, and why is it popular?

Outsourcing accounting to Sri Lanka through us means gaining access to a wealth of financial expertise at a fraction of the cost. It's popular due to the remarkable efficiency and quality our team delivers, making it a strategic choice for businesses focused on excellence and cost-effectiveness.

How can I assess the quality of accounting professionals in Sri Lanka?

We understand your quality concerns. When you choose us, you're selecting a team that's rigorously vetted and backed by a history of excellence. We're dedicated to providing top-tier professionals who consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

Is data security a concern when outsourcing accounting to Sri Lanka? And what are your policies?

We share your commitment to data security. Our practices include the highest standards of data protection. With cutting-edge encryption and unwavering compliance with international data security norms, your confidential information is safeguarded with us.

What are the communication challenges when outsourcing to Sri Lanka?

We're adept at transcending communication barriers and helping you do the same too. Our professionals are fluent English speakers, and we prioritize transparent channels, regular updates, and virtual meetings to ensure seamless collaboration.

What are the typical contract terms for outsourcing accounting to Sri Lanka?

Our flexible contract terms reflect your unique needs. Whether you require short-term project support or a long-term partnership, we're committed to creating a contractual framework that fits your objectives. When you choose us, you're choosing adaptable solutions tailored to your success.

Are there legal and regulatory considerations when outsourcing accounting to Sri Lanka?

Legal and regulatory compliance is in our DNA. We're well-versed in local and international regulations, allowing you to confidently navigate this landscape. Partnering with us ensures that your operations align with the highest legal standards.

Our Offices

Our office is equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed for seamless collaboration and innovation.


Corporate Responsibility

We firmly believe in giving back and embracing corporate social responsibility as an outsourcing firm. We understand the profound impact businesses can have on society, and we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our staff and their wider community.