How it works

Process & Price

We've streamlined the process to make accessing top-tier offshore talent effortless. You focus on your business, and we take care of the rest. It's that simple and seamless.


Our journey together begins with a deep dive into your business. We take the time to understand your unique needs, objectives, and the specific tasks you want to offshore. This critical first step ensures a tailor-made approach that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

Understand unique needs and goals


Excitement builds as we move to the recruitment phase. Our expert HR team takes proactive measures, listing your job on multiple platforms, engaging with recruitment agencies, and leveraging our extensive candidate network. We also explore professional platforms like LinkedIn to identify highly qualified accounting professionals. We focus on securing top talent that aligns perfectly with your organisation’s ethos. Once we identify the ideal candidate, we handle all the essential hiring steps, ensuring a seamless process for you. From conducting final reference and police checks to coordinating contracts and pension details, we handle every detail. Additionally, our team manages payroll setup, utilising our connection with the labour department, to guarantee a smooth onboarding experience for your new team member.

Listing your job
Identify the ideal candidate
Final reference and police checks
Manage payroll setup
Manage onboarding experience


We invest in building a comprehensive change management plan to ensure a successful transition. Integration planning is a critical step where we align our strategies with your business's existing framework, ensuring a seamless integration of our offshoring services. We take pride in preparing your new team member for their exciting journey with us. Our dedicated team handles everything, from sourcing laptops to providing IT setup support and ensuring day-one readiness. Your new hire will confidently step into their role, fully equipped to contribute from the beginning.

comprehensive change management plan
Integration planning
Setup new member with everything


We’re committed to your success, which goes beyond onboarding. We stand by your side, offering continuous HR management support for your offshore staff. We take care of it all, whether it’s payroll management, addressing job changes, handling performance issues, or termination procedures. Additionally, we keep an open line of communication, constantly learning about your business to explore further offshoring opportunities that maximise your growth potential. Rest assured, the journey never ends with us; we are your trusted long-term partners in professional outsourcing.

Addressing job changes
Payroll management
Handling performance issues
Termination procedures

What’s included in the monthly cost?

Offshoring with us means more than just cost-effective staffing. It’s about freeing up your time for business growth. We handle everything for your new staff member, including payroll, IT setup, and performance management.

The costs are simple. It ranges from $1,500+ AUD for an entry level staff member, all the away to $5,000+ AUD for an experienced specliased candidate.

We pay our staff in the top percenticle and monitor their pay through our ongoing HR process to ensure they are happy and productive.

Staff Wage

We cover the full salary of your dedicated offshore team member, ensuring they are compensated fairly and consistently, so you can focus on your business.

All tax payments

We handle all tax-related obligations, from income tax to social security contributions, relieving you of the tax complexities and ensuring full compliance.

Premium internet plan

We provide your team with a high-speed internet connection, ensuring they have the bandwidth for seamless work, crystal-clear communication, and swift data transfer.

Ongoing HR management

We take care of HR management, handling recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and ensuring your team's well-being throughout their journey with us.

Staff pension

We contribute to your team's pension fund, securing their financial future and promoting long-term dedication and loyalty among your offshore staff.

Laptop and accessories

We equip your team with modern laptops and essential accessories, ensuring they have the right tools to excel in their roles.

Work from home setup

We provide a seamless work-from-home setup, ensuring your team has a comfortable and productive environment to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.

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