De Silva
# Qualified Bookeeper

Meet Kithma, the Financial Virtuoso who seamlessly combines intelligence, humor, and an unparalleled attention to detail. Her love for animals goes hand in hand with her dedication to mastering the art of finance. Kithma, a finance analyst, brings not only smarts and precision to the table but also a dash of humor that keeps her work vibrant and engaging.

Kithma's fascination with numbers started early in life. Her ability to delve deep into financial intricacies is balanced by her fun-loving spirit and her unwavering love for animals. She often claims that her two cats are her personal financial advisors, keeping her entertained while she crunches numbers.

As a finance analyst, Kithma excels in dissecting complex data and extracting meaningful insights. Her penchant for details ensures that nothing escapes her scrutiny. She believes that financial clarity is a lot like her animal companions: It brings comfort and stability.

Outside the finance world, Kithma enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, sharing her finance knowledge with a bit of humor, and ensuring every animal she meets receives a bit of extra love. With Kithma on your team, you'll not only have a finance expert but also a dedicated advocate for precision and a passion for life's furry friends.

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