# Qualified Account Officer

Meet Vihanga, our IT Wizard and all-around family man. As an IT Administrator at Elephant Teams, Vihanga combines his love for technology with his role as a dedicated husband and father. Not only does he ensure our IT infrastructure runs seamlessly, but he also cherishes moments exploring new places with his loved ones.

Vihanga's journey into the world of IT started long before he joined our team. With a profound passion for all things tech, he's the go-to person for any IT-related query or challenge. His expertise extends far beyond troubleshooting - he's responsible for keeping our digital landscape safe, efficient, and ready for the future.

When he's not managing IT systems or embracing new technology, you'll find Vihanga and his family exploring new destinations. He's a traveler at heart, always eager to discover new horizons, cultures, and cuisines. Vihanga's fascination with the world doesn't stop at travel - he's equally excited about staying up to date with the latest tech trends and sharing his knowledge with the team.

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